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Lash Envy are one of Melbourne’s busiest and most preferred Lash Extension and Brow Specialist salons. We provide premium ‘no fuss’ Eyelash Extensions, Brow Shaping and Lash Lifting.
Oakleigh: 0416-959-115 Ascot Vale: 0415-663-898
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Lash Envy Services

Whether you want a luxurious set of eyelash extensions or brow envy make-over, Lash Envy Melbourne offers it all to make your eyes the envy of your friends.

Our Classic Lashes are one eyelash extension applied to one natural eyelash at a time.

Our Volume Lashes are handmade fans of lash extensions that are applied to one natural eyelash.

Scroll down to see all lash extensions. Lash Envy Melbourne has you spoilt for choice!

Eyelash Extensions

Classic Set – Natural

65 extensions per eye. Eyes appear bigger and fresher, lashes are longer and thicker with the look of 1-2 coats of mascara. A great set for first timers.
natural set
classic set full
Eyelash Extensions

Classic Set – Full

90 extensions per eye. Eyes appear bigger, bolder and more luscious as more lashes are attached. Gives the look of 2-3 coats of mascara.
Eyelash Extensions

Classic Set – Glamour

Unlimited lashes per eye (130+) The ulitmate WOW factor. Long, thick, gorgeous and luscious. (*The Glamour Set is suitable to clients who already have naturally thick, fuller lashes. Your stylist will consult with you to check that you are suitable)

glam classic
volume natural
Eyelash Extensions

Volume Lashes – Natural

Perfect for everyday wear.  If you have naturally fine or sparse lashes and really want incredible light and fluffy volume, then this set is ideal, with up to 200 lashes on each eye.
Eyelash Extensions

Volume Lashes – Full

If you want the look of absolute volume, fluff and amazingness, then this set is the one. Our Full Volume Set is up to 400 lashes on each eye and will make you feel like the queen of lashes.
fulll volume
volume glamour
Eyelash Extensions

Volume Lashes – Glamour

For lashes that will blow your mind there is no better than our Glamour Volume Set, with up to 600 lashes per eye you will be sure to make a head turning statement where ever you go. (*You must qualify for this set, please consult your lash technician to check you have enough natural lashes)
Eyebrow Shaping

Brow Envy Makeover

Our Brow Envy Makeover is like nothing your brows have ever experienced. Lash Envy Melbourne will literally transform your brows to give your face a whole new look. It begins with a personalised consultation where we will draw the perfect brow shape on you and not proceed past this point until you are 100% happy. Following this we will wax (the wax is designed for sensitive skin on the face), signature tweeze for the ultimate precision in brow shaping, tint, colour and highlight. You will leave the salon BROW ready! This treatment takes up to one hour as incredible care is taken to ensure the perfect brows, designed just for you.
brow envy

Lash Artists

Our Lash Artists are qualified and highly skilled technicians who are slower at their craft than our Master and Volume Artists. Becoming a perfect lash artist who is ALSO fast is a skill that takes countless months, sometimes years of practice. Therefore, our Lash Artists offer slightly discounted prices, however you are still guaranteed perfect lashes every time (please see our board inside our salon for LA prices or contact us for more information).

Master Lash Artists

Master Lash Artists are highly skilled and competent technicians who are also fast in the art of applying Classic Lashes only.

Volume Master Lash Artists

Volume Master Artists have earned their stripes! They have lashed thousands of happy clients, are typically booked out weeks in advance, are highly skilled and fast at all types of lash applications. 

Classic - MIni Set $60

These sets are 30 extensions per eye - Perfect if you have fine or sparse lashes so try them now!

Classic - Refills $45+

1 week $45 - 2 weeks $55 - 3 weeks $70 - 4 weeks $85 - 5 weeks $100 - 6 weeks Full Price

Volume - Refills $69+

1 week $69 - 2 weeks $99 - 3 weeks $130 - 4 weeks $160 - 5 weeks $199 - 6 weeks Full Price

Bottom Lashes $50

Show off beautiful, big eyes - Bottom Lash Extensions make eyes appear bigger & rounder.

Eyelash Removal $30

Removal $30 - Removal of extensions for our clients is FREE - Removal with Natural Set $15