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    Lash Envy are one of Melbourne’s busiest and most preferred Lash Extension and Brow Specialist salons. We provide premium ‘no fuss’ Eyelash Extensions, Brow Shaping and Lash Lifting.

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    Lash Envy Melbourne’s Top 3 Buying Tips

    Lash Envy Melbourne’s Top 3 Buying Tips



    Ever wanted Envious Lashes and weren’t sure what to look for?


    Here are Lash Envy Melbourne’s top 3 Buying Tips to consider…


    Quality or Quantity:


    So you want natural looking, soft, beautiful, bold looking lashes without spending a fortune?


    When choosing a salon or technician never start with the price. You want a QUALITY service and product, if you have looked at this in the first place then the end result will surely speak for itself.


    Yes you can get a full, fluffy, beautiful looking set without compromising time, money and quality BUT this takes Professional grade products and EXPERIENCE. Learning a skill like Lashing takes loads of practice and skill – it is not something learned overnight or through a you tube video.


    It takes patience and guidance while undergoing hours of hands on training in the salon to achieve their certificate. Professional grade products mean that research, development and testing have taken place to ensure minimal reactions and proper retention rates. Here at Lash Envy Melbourne we are highly advanced and skilled Eyelash Extension specialists.


    We put on more extensions than any other salon and do not cut corners or use anything to compromise your natural lash health. We love what we do and take pride in our work – we consider it an absolute privilege to lash you. Want eye that WOW? Come see us.


    Consultation and Design:


    This part is crucial to the process.


    When coming to your appointment you will receive a consultation form to fill out which will let your technician know if you have had eyelash extensions before and if you have had any adverse reactions to the treatment.


    You will then be asked what you are expecting from your service today and what you are looking for – this is the most important and undervalued part of the service. Its all about the foundation – what are your natural lashes like?


    Do you have 50+, 90+ 0r 120+? Your Lash technician will measure your longest lash – look for Length, Weight and Eye shape to consider the best design for you and what your lashes can hold. Please don’t be swayed by a one size fits all service as that is not what we offer here at Lash Envy.


    Every set is created specifically for you – all you need to tell us Is the look you’re after!


    We offer Mini, Natural, Full and Glam sets of Classic lashes and if you want to step it up a bit we also offer Russian Volume sets that come in the same variation


    To view all of the eyelash extensions sets in our range of services click HERE.


    Preparation and Aftercare:


    This is very important.


    Your lashes are an investment – treat them like you would your clothes.


    You need to use the appropriate aftercare products and to arrive at your appointment properly prepared. We require CLEAN, OIL FREE lashes for your service to ensure longevity and proper adhesion to your natural lashes.


    You need to be aware that you cannot shower or get your lashes wet for 24 hours after your service and come prepared with no OIL or Makeup on or around your eye area as this will only cut into your appointment time and we cannot then guarantee that the residue will affect the lash retention.


    We recommend a full range of Aftercare products and will receive an aftercare card and lesson at your appointment.


    The ladies at Lash Envy Melbourne look forward to seeing you in the salon soon!


    For more information or to book an appointment please email us at hello@lashenvymelbourne.com.au or contact us at one of our salons listed in the contact us section. LEM xx


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