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    Lash Envy are one of Melbourne’s busiest and most preferred Lash Extension and Brow Specialist salons. We provide premium ‘no fuss’ Eyelash Extensions, Brow Shaping and Lash Lifting.

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    Magnetic Lashes by LEM

    Magnetic Lashes by LEM

    Hey Beauties!

    Long time to chat – well I’m here to save your lockdown days. How did we not know about this earlier? Magnetic Lashes are a GOD SEND… Especially at the moment. As you would know if you follow us over on Instagram we are in the middle of our second lockdown here in Melbourne and when you’re so used to wearing Eyelash Extensions every day for YEARS (Life of a Lash technician) it’s been quite the adjustment.

    We have a variety of different styles and designs each suited to your individual style and flare. My favourites are the PETITE range (natural and glam) as I have a little lash line so these suit me best.Each box comes with 3 pairs of Lashes, an application tool and a Liquid Liner. The Magnets on the lash line of the lashes adhere to the magnetic ingredient in the eyeliner. You can cut and customise the lash line to fit your eye BUT you need to make sure that if you cut them you cut as close as possible to the next magnet along. There must be a Magnet at each end of the lash otherwise they wont stick!

    Its imperative that your eyelid is dry and free of oils (you can use an eyelid primer or a very thin satin powder) before you apply your liner. When applying your liner make sure that you have an even amount distributed and its very close to your lash line. I have a blog post and IGTV with my Liquid Liner Tutorial if you want to learn that first!

    Once the Liner is dry and set you can use your application tool to pick up your lash and apply it easily to the lash line. It will grab as soon as it comes close to the lash line and you can amend it at the ends if you need to. I found it best to apply it in the middle and then push down each end when you have it in place.

    Each pair will last for 30 uses!!! You can also use these over your lash extensions when your going on holiday and need to hide gaps when your due for a refill or want a more dramatic look for the weekend. However the liner is an oil base so you will need to be very careful applying it and removing it around your extensions.

    Any questions on styles or on the lashes in general feel free to ask away! head over to our online shop to check out our range and purchase some today.

    Love your LEM Lash Fairies xxx




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