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[contact-form-7 id=”2769″ title=”Main Contact form”] Lash Envy are one of Melbourne’s busiest and most preferred Lash Extension and Brow Specialist salons. We provide premium ‘no fuss’ Eyelash Extensions, Brow Shaping and Lash Lifting.
Oakleigh: 0416-959-115 Ascot Vale: 0415-663-898 Hampton: 0403-174-515 Berwick: 0414 332 739

"You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building up one another instead of tearing each other down."

Introducing Angela, Kryshina, Jen & Olivia

We are the owners of Lash Envy Melbourne. We are women empowering women. We love what we do, we love each other, and we love making a difference.


CEO & Founder

Behind the success of Lash Envy Melbourne is Owner and Founder, Angela Kennedy. A proud wife and mother of two gorgeous children, Angela adores her clients and the dynamic Lash Envy Melbourne team.

Angela loves to make women feel empowered

Trained in Dublin and from humble beginnings of lashing clients in the front room of her home, Lash Envy Melbourne is a thriving success story with 4 salons across Melbourne and more than 30 meticulously trained and dedicated staff.

So much love for her team

Angela’s main drive is the love of her family and to make a difference in other women’s lives. Through lashes, Angela has created a work environment that encourages her staff to grow and achieve. So no wonder her business reflects this very thing!

Angela Kennedy

Business Owner of Ascot Vale

Kryshina joined Lash Envy Melbourne in 2014 and from the start was an absolute dynamite. With years of experience in the beauty industry, from the moment Kryshina picked up a pair of lash tweezers, she was a natural.
Kryshina is a proud wife to Tim and mother to Quinn, whom she simply adores and works hard to lead by example to.
Starting out as an apprentice, Kryshina progressed to a Master Artist and then became Oakleigh’s Salon Manager, before she became the owner of her second baby, Ascot Vale, with Angela.

Kryshina is a magnet for positiveness and joy

The Ascot Vale salon has gone from strength to strength and that’s definitely down to Kryshina’s incredible attitude and character.

You’re only as good as your team

They say that good people attract good people, and Kryshina has definitely done that with her sensational team at the Ascot Vale salon.


Kryshina Walker

Business Owner of Hampton

Jennilee (Jen) is an incredibly vibrant and energetic part of the Lash Envy Melbourne family. With a past in beauty therapy in some of Melbourne’s most known and reputable companies, Jen joined the team in 2015 and has never looked back.

Lash Artist of the Month Award

Within months of coming on board at Lash Envy Melbourne, Jen became one of the most requested lash artists, earning her Lash Artist of the Month more than any other team member. This quickly saw Jen progress through the LEM employment ladder, landing her the position of Salon Manager after Kryshina at the Oakleigh salon. After a few years in this huge role, Angela and Jen joined forces and created the beautiful Hampton salon in 2019.

Clients and staff love her

Jen is famous for delivering the most exceptional lashes in record time! Her client following is cult like and her staff look up and adore her.

Jennilee Pettit

Business Owner of Berwick

The beautiful Olivia is a force to reckoned with. As our youngest business owner at just 24 years of age, Olivia has proven that youth and wisdom does exist.

Hard work pays off

Born to lash, Olivia worked her way through the lash levels and became Lash Envy Melbourne’s first Director of Training. After 4 years of hard work, commitment and resilience, Olivia was invited to become a Salon Owner, and Berwick was created.

Personal growth

Olivia has grown so much in her time at LEM and has become one of the most respected, trusted and wanted Lash Artists and team members. The sky is the limit for this young business woman.

Olivia Walker

If you have been thinking of becoming a lash artist for a while but don’t know where to start, then look no further.