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[contact-form-7 id=”2769″ title=”Main Contact form”] Lash Envy are one of Melbourne’s busiest and most preferred Lash Extension and Brow Specialist salons. We provide premium ‘no fuss’ Eyelash Extensions, Brow Shaping and Lash Lifting.
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Lashes are a girls best friend

Lashes make everything better

Classic Lashes

One extension seamlessly attached to one natural lash.

Natural Set

Eyes appear bigger, fresher and more feminine. Lashes are longer and thicker, but not over the top with the look of 1-2 coats of mascara. With 65 lashes applied to each eye this is a great set for first timers and every day wear.

Full Set

Eyes appear bigger, bolder, blacker, more luscious and noticeable. With 90 lashes applied to each eye this gives the look of 2-3 coats of mascara. A definite head turner and our most popular set in the classic collection.

Glamour Set

The ultimate set if you already have lots of natural lashes and want to make a head turning statement. Unlimited lashes applied until every natural lash is covered. Thick, bold, very black and a complete wow factor.

Hybrid Lashes

A natural look with the best of both worlds.

Hybrid Lash Set

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are an even blend of both approximately 50 Classic extensions and 50 Volume fans that are used to create a wispy, fluffy and natural looking lash set. It is ideal for individuals who want more fullness than a Classic Lash set, but not as full as a Volume set of lashes. The Hybrid set is the perfect in-between or when you want to slowly transition to Volume Lashes.

Russian Volume Lashes

Hand made, light weight fans applied seamlessly to one natural lash.

Natural Volume Set

The Natural Volume Set is perfect for everyday wear. Not too dramatic but still very noticeable. If you have naturally fine or sparse lashes and really want incredible light and fluffy volume, then this set is ideal, with up to 200 lashes on each eye.

Full Volume Set

If you want the look of really black, luscious, full, long, fluffy and amazing lashes, then this set is the one. Our Full Volume Set is up to 400 lashes on each eye and will make you feel like a queen. Our most popular set in the volume collection.

Glamour Volume Set

For lashes that will blow your mind there is no better than our Glamour Volume Set. Up to 600 lashes per eye you will make an incredible impression where ever you go. You must qualify for this set, please consult your lash technician to check you have enough natural lashes.


To keep your lashes in beautiful condition it is recommended to have a lash refill every 2-3 weeks. As your natural lash cycle is always shedding and growing it is normal to lose up to 25 lashes per eye per week.


If you have had more loss than average, an extended appointment may be needed. Please advise your salon as soon as possible prior to your appointment. Extra time may result in an additional cost.


Master vs Apprentice

Choose your artist

Master Artist
Our Master Artists are highly experienced and advanced experts in both Classic and Russian Volume Lashes, Brows and Lash Lifts. They have completed multiple training assessments with a rating of more than 95% and have lashed thousands of happy Lash Envy Melbourne clients.

Apprentice Artist
We believe it takes years to become a Master Lash Artist. The competency level at which our Master Artists operate cannot be achieved in a quick course or a few weeks. Our Lash Apprentices are recently appointed artists who have undergone the LEM training process and passed their exams, and who can now offer all of our services at dramatically discounted prices. Although our apprentices are meticulous in their training and results, they are slower at their craft and are supervised by a Master Artist.

More of our work

1 1

1 week refill $45*

(Lash Apprentice $25)

2 2

2 weeks refill $55*

(Lash Apprentice $35)

3 3

3 weeks refill $70*

(Lash Apprentice $40)

4 4

4 weeks refill $85*

(Lash Apprentice $50)

5 5

5 weeks refill $99*

(Lash Apprentice $60)

Please Note: On your sixth week, please refer to *Full Set* Prices

full volume set
Eyelash Extensions

Volume Lashes

Volume Lashes – One hand made fan of lashes applied to one natural lash